Fine Art

Sea Still Life
A peaceful sea scene; composed with pastels and colored pencil.
A Big Nintendo Fan...
Life Drawing; composed of chalk pastel.
Kangaroo Illustration
Observational rendering; done in colored pencil on black matte board.
Pointillist Purr-fection
Commission; composed of marker on canvas.
Here's Willy!
Life drawing/homage; composed of charcoal and graphite.
Initial Illustration
Student work; composed in colored pencil.
We've Got Bugs!
Product Illustration; composed with cut paper and foam on illustration board.
Sci-Fi Character Concept
Pen and ink...
Creepy Drifter Concept
Pen and ink.
Animated Thug Concept
Pen and ink
Picnic Still Life
Mixed Media; composed of graphite and charcoal.
One-Point Perspective
Life drawing exercise; composed of charcoal and graphite.
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